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The most important part of any magazine is the cover. One of the founding facets of Collision Repair magazine was rooted in who we featured on our covers. The individuals that represented one of the six yearly issues of the magazine couldn’t just be sourced from a flip through the classifieds or a phonebook; they needed to tout spectacular backgrounds, with larger-than-life goals and inspiring personalities.

In 2002, from the very first issue of the magazine, it was decided that every cover was to feature a shop—whether it be from the realms of the Rockies out west, settled along the Atlantic coast or somewhere in the glorious in-between.

There’s one thing for certain: even after 20 years, there will never be a shortage of great business leaders to feature on our covers. In celebration of our 20th anniversary, Collision Repair magazine’s editorial team took on the mammoth effort of contacting every past cover star that’s graced our cover in the last 20 years. With six annual issues—the occasional seventh, in the early years—and a 20-year-span to cover, the team had more than 120 cover stars to speak to.

While we tried to track everyone down, some of our past stars have proven to be rather elusive. We wish every single person that’s been featured in our magazine the absolute best, and send well wishes to their families.

And if any of you are reading this—never hesitate to reach out. There’s nothing we love more than speaking to the almighty members of Canada’s automotive aftermarket.

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Parker Lord
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