Time-Resistant Tools

Repairers share top picks from their toolboxes

In line with Collision Repair’s 20th Anniversary, the magazine reached out to readers looking to hear their longstanding go-to tools. Check out their picks below!

Snap-On Body Hammer

“The Snap-On body hammer I have left has made me a lot of money, still has the original handle and I use it more today than I did 10 years ago!” 

– Anonymous 

Cell Phone / Computer

“It contains my whole business plan, calendar and emails. Everything I need in a day!” 

– Sebastian Torres, owner of TORCAM CARSTAR, Brantford, Ontario

“Oddly enough, my cell phone is my go-to tool. There are so many programs and management tools now linked to smart phones.” 

– Anonymous 

“My phone and computer—no tools for this cat! LOL!” 

– Kim Roberts, owner of Fix Auto Barrie North. Barrie, Ontario 

BETAG Flatliner

“Our BETAG Innovation Flatliner is an unreal piece of equipment that makes repairs easy,” 

– Anonymous 

ALLDATA Diagnostics

“In an age where following OEM procedures is of the utmost important, no tool is handier than the ALLDATA system.”

– Anonymous 

SK Socket Set

“My 30-plus-year-old SK socket sets are definitely my go-to,” 

– Kevin Kish, autobody technician at Marton’s Autobody. Kipling, Saskatchewan

Spoon Dollies

“When I was repairing, it was the spoon dolly. Now, as an owner, it’s definitely my cell phone camera.” 

– Bill Fonstad, owner of CARSTAR Estevan. Estevan, Saskatchewan

What do you think of our survey results for the top-tools? 

Do you have a go-to tool? Let us know in the comments below!  


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