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Crafting Collision Repair magazine’s 20th-anniversary edition was no easy feat. Capturing the mammoth industry changes witnessed since this publication’s debut in 2003, while simultaneously showcasing the greatness of the sector—amid a pandemic, no less—was a task only fit for Canada’s strongest: the members of the aftermarket.

In the words of Canadian collision industry icons, there has been more change in the last five years than experienced in the previous 20 combined. The rise of OEM Certifications and fiery claims of insurer-dictated repairers; never-before-seen material mixes and newfound paint legislation—all of which barely skim the surface.

Even amid these tumultuous changes—with more on the horizon, no doubt—this industry has never waivered more than a millimetre. From day one, Canada’s almighty aftermarket has endured hurdles—and knocking one over has never been an option.

Whether you joined the industry 40-plus years ago or yesterday, you are important. You are an integral part of the almighty machine that is Canada’s collision industry. Too many in this industry fail to realize their importance in this realm; don’t let the minor misgivings of a bad day get you down. The last 18 months have been a roller coaster; but never forget you drive this country, quite literally.

You can be frustrated, but you should also be proud. Stand tall and continue to defend this great industry. The greats of the collision repair craft will continue to reign strong in the years to come, no matter what’s tossed their way. So, join Collision Repair magazine in celebrating the last 20 years of aftermarket greatness. We couldn’t have made it this long without your support. This is your magazine.

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