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Industry Insider: Gerry Martineau, AVP of Auto Claims for the Co-Operators
by Collision Repair Magazine

Last year, Collision Repair issued a survey to its readers, where they were invited to grade Canada’s biggest players in the auto insurance sector. The magazine asked for reviews in the realms of insurer payment timeliness, dispute management practices, and the business’ overall approach to bodyshop relations. Grades were assigned to private insurers⁠ as well as public ones⁠.

This year, we reissued the survey. Several insurers took hits to billing payment, dispute management, and repairer relations scores, but one private insurer⁠—the Co-Operators⁠—only saw improvements. In fact, this year, the Co-Operators were the highest rated auto insurers in every category.

To learn the secrets to the Co-Operator’s success among repairers, Collision Repair spoke to Gerry Martineau, AVP of auto claims.

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