Tough Toyota: Armoured Toyota Land Cruiser 300 endures multiple grenades in certification testing

Toronto, Ontario — Members of the collision repair industry know all too well the ordeal that achieving certifications can be—but considering what North York-based Inkas Armored Vehicle Manufacturing has to go through for their stamp of approval, OEMs should count their lucky stars that they don’t have to prepare for grenade tests.

The armoured vehicle developer released a video several weeks ago showing off the trials their modified Toyota Land Cruiser 300 had to endure to earn certification, including being subject to 780 rounds of various calibre bullets, six roof-level hand grenades, four underbody grenades, two land mines and 15 kg of TNT exploded just two metres away.

Surely there would simply be no more Land Cruiser after this right? Just a scorched black outline on the pavement? Not quite.

The test dummies inside the SUV definitely got rattled around in the onslaught of bullets and explosions, as the tests were intended to target “the potential points of failure where the vehicle would be most susceptible to penetration during an attack.”

When the data for measures like survivability and pressure came back, the Land Cruiser passed the test in full.

In addition to the seemingly miraculous armour plating, the SUV was equipped with a fire-suppression system, emergency lights and a siren/intercom system.


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