THE OEM AND ADAS: Are you ready to offer proper, compliant calibrations?

To adhere to OE Certification requirements, you have to tackle the topic of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems in repairs. Each OEM presents a different set of requirements—from software, to test drives and beyond.

Automaker guidelines cover all elements of the repair process, from detailed diagnosing methods to the amount of empty floor space surrounding the vehicle. Moreover, where one OEM’s calibrations require specifi c scan tool, others allow for a third-party service, such as AirPro.

Add to that mix the bevy of aftermarket scan tools; understanding all the options is crucial. Maintaining OEM certifi cations is another element of the ADAS conundrum. If your facility deals with one automaker primarily, achieving certifi cation with its associated program is wise to consider.

The aforementioned ideas also come into play when subletting ADAS calibrations to any qualifi ed third party. If partnering to sublet, you must physically verify and ensure your partner is an expert in the brand, and an informed, reliable resource that respects the importance OEM-required calibrations, proper tools and processes.

Once your business embraces consistency in the application of OE Service Procedures, you’ve conquered a vital step in achieving ADAS calibration capability.

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