Smashed Windshield Saviour: London, Ont. recycler fixes damaged cars free-of-charge

London, Ontario — When Bill Wyatt heard several cars were damaged at a Sarnia retirement home already reeling from COVID-19, he wanted to help out. So, Corey Auto Wreckers offered to have the smashed glass of the cars parked at Landmark Village repaired free of charge.

“Just the whole circumstances of this virus going around and so on–how could you not?” said Wyatt. “I was glad to do it.”

The long-term care home has been hit particularly hard by the virus⁠—six people have died at the facility and more than 20 have been diagnosed with the virus. On April 7, vehicles parked on Landmark’s grounds were damaged and rifled. Three belonged to residents under quarantine and a fourth to a personal support worker working a 12-hour overnight shift.

John Scotland, CEO of Steeves and Rozema, the company that owns and operates Landmark, said the company received a call from “a good samaritan out of the London area” who offered the free service.

“It’s nice to see small silver linings and acts of kindness in these times,” he said.

Wyatt had the replacement for the passenger-side rear window of a Ford Fusion delivered from London to Windsor, where it was installed by a friend of the woman who owned the car. He’s still waiting to hear back from the owners of the other damaged cars, but he plans to give them the glass they need for free.

Wyatt also said he’d offer his service again if needed.

“If anything happens there in a similar situation–and gosh, I hope it doesn’t⁠–I’d be happy to step up again, no problem.”

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