Shurhold Industries introduces the One Bucket System

Cutaway views of the One Bucket System, including the optional Bucket Base.

By Mike Davey

Palm City, Florida — August 17, 2016 — Shurhold Industries made a bold claim in 2015 when the company introduced what it called the “World’s Best Bucket.” The company has recently raised the stakes even further, introducing its new One Bucket System for use in detailing or the wash bay.

We’ve got to admit, this does look like a very impressive bucket.

The 5 Gallon Rope Handle Bucket features a soft, ¾-inch braided nylon rope handle. Unlike a metal handle, there’s no chance it will rust or damage delicate vehicle finishes.

The One Bucket System features a removable Bucket Grate that’s elevated from the bottom of the pail. The idea here, according to Shurhold, is that “dirt and debris fall through the grate, so the wash tool is always in clean water. Brushes can be scrubbed against it to remove grime.” Neat idea.

The system also includes two built-in 3 oz. measuring cups for accurate proportioning of cleaning products and a Bucket Caddy for storing bottles, tools and supplies. The Bucket Caddy fits inside the bucket for storage and features an integrated handle.

The Bucket Seat/Lid completes the system. It snaps onto the bucket’s rim to keep the whole thing secure. It’s also padded, allowing it to be used as a seat.

Shurhold Industries even offers an option for the system: the Bucket Base. The Bucket Base helps to keep the One Bucket System from tipping, and is constructed from soft rubber to avoid scratches and slipping.

Shurhold Industries’ One Bucket System, including the bucket, grate, caddy and seat/lid, sells for $49.98 USD. The Bucket Base is available for $12.98 USD.

For more information, please visit shurhold.com/auto.


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