Shurhold introduces ‘World’s Best Bucket’

World's Best Bucket from Shurhold Industries.

By Mike Davey

Palm City, Florida — September 25, 2015 — Shurhold Industries has released a new product for the detailing and wash bay: the World’s Best Bucket. That’s a name with a claim in it, but Shurhold Industries thinks they can back it up. 

Instead of a metal handle that rusts, the new entry from Shurhold Industries employs a 3/4-inch double-braided nylon handle which the company says also provides a more comfortable grip. The World’s Best Bucket is available in black or white, in 3.5 and 5 gallon sizes. 

It looks like whoever wrote the original press release decided to have a bit of fun: “This multi-purpose item is ideal for much more than washing. The high-grade container can be used as a trash can, bait bucket, ice bucket for drinks, storage and tool transport. Those in need of a work seat or a place to rest their feet can just flip it over and take a load off.” In other words, it’s a bucket, folks.  

Shurhold also offers the Bucket Base. This sturdy, non-skid/non-marking ring is designed to minimize pails from sliding and toppling, helping prevent any resulting damage.

For more information, please visit shurhold.com.


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