ProColor Collision forges ahead with Canada expansion

It’s been little over a year since Fix Network acquired the Quebec-based Carrossier ProColor from Uni-Select. The acquisition of the iconic 20-year-old brand has made Fix Network Canada’s largest aftermarket franchise network. Since then, Fix Network has been actively expanding ProColor Collision’s brand presence across Canada and recently, into the United States.

Collision Repair caught up with Fix Network’s newly appointed Executive Vice-President for Canada Sylvain Seguin to find out ProColor Collision’s plans for the future, and the opportunities he foresees for the brand.

Tell us more about ProColor Collision’s growth plans?

This is a proud moment for ProColor Collision as it becomes a more international brand. Before it was acquired by Fix Network, ProColor Collision was a well-established brand in Quebec for almost 20 years with 172 locations in the province.

Over the past few years, we have identified several opportunities for developing the Fix Network family of brands, which includes Fix Auto, NOVUS Glass and Speedy Auto Service in Canada. The investment of our time and efforts towards this approach has helped to expand our presence in the aftermarket industry.

As a result of the pandemic, we’re witnessing strong growth as more independent body shop owners see the value of joining a network like ours to help their business become more resilient and achieve profitability. We are now leveraging those opportunities to ramp up that growth, such as expanding ProColor across Canada. We have successfully introduced the brand beyond Quebec and are aiming to have almost 200 ProColor Collision locations across the country by the end of 2020.

How important is the Canadian market to ProColor Collision’s expansion outside Quebec?

Canada boasts one of the most advanced automotive markets when it comes to adopting new processes and technologies in collision repair. The country also has a large number of independent body shops that are interested in joining a network rather than staying independent. We look forward to welcoming new franchise strategic partners and playing an important part in boosting local economies through job creation and supporting local businesses.

As with other markets, the expansion of our Canadian business will be driven by franchise development. We are looking to identify and work alongside franchise partners who understand our mission and are keen to grow their business using established operational practices.

We are optimistic that independent repair shops can reap the advantage of our experience and bring their teams up to speed on the latest collision repair technologies and equipment as well as safety standards.

What is the key to this impressive growth?

Fix Network has become a respected name in the collision repair business. It is a journey that makes us very proud, but we’re not stopping there. Many independent body shop owners recognise the value that we bring to their business – we equip our franchisees with the right proprietary tools and technologies as well as standardized operational processes, marketing strategies and support to run their business well.

Describe your experiences working with different regions and conditions.

Each province has its own set of opportunities and challenges. We understand that our teams and franchise partners across Canada operate in complex environments. We, therefore, aim to make their lives easier by simplifying our operations. At the same time, we want to continue to be a trusted partner with insurance and fleet companies as well as our suppliers by being transparent and having a performance-based approach.

How have these challenging times affected the aftermarket business?

With respect to our day-to-day operations, we implemented strict safety protocols at all our locations in response to COVID-19, including contactless service and physical distancing measures. Our protocols were based on guidance from public health and the provincial government.

Our new franchise development was driven by the fact that, in these uncertain times, an increasing number of independent collision repair shops were recognizing the importance of aligning themselves with an established global franchise network like Fix Network.

I also regard these times as an excellent opportunity for businesses to review their operational efficiencies and build on their core strengths. Business agility is an important part of the game – if you get it right, people will be excited by your brand.

As a result of the business agility, franchise partners are also using this time to invest in time, talent and treasure. One way of doing this is that they actively training their teams in the latest collision repair technologies and processes, through virtual online classrooms offered at our training centres.

What is the attractiveness of the ProColor business model to franchisees?

Over the years, Fix Network has built a family of brands that are known for their integrity, personal touch and professionalism. It’s a culture that resonates throughout the organisation and the wider network. Our partners can instantly feel this positivity and optimism when dealing with our teams.

Plus, the power of the network to franchise owners is undeniable. Our strategic partners can offer clients the national warranty on services that can be honoured Canada – a service that they could not offer as independent repair shop owners.

Regardless of the size of their operation, each strategic partner receives access to a comprehensive suite of services such as management support, training, marketing support and customer service, as well as gain cost efficiencies through our relationships with global suppliers and vendors.

In the extremely competitive aftermarket business, it’s all about reshaping or reinforcing your service offering to deliver the personal experience that our franchise partners would like to have. As a result, onboarding of new franchises is an integral part of our process to ensure that their shop receives the support they require to grow their business further.

What next for ProColor Collision?

The next few years will be an exciting growth period for ProColor Collision. We are committed to strengthening the brand’s presence across Canada and accelerating franchise development through deeper market penetration. For franchising opportunities contact franchise@procolorcollision.com.


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