Spray Gun vs Spray Can: SprayMax breaks it down

Peter Kwasny GmbH has achieved breakthrough solutions in small damage repairs with the SprayMax system. Professional repairers will appreciate the process flexibility with both 1K and 2K technology options and how they can reduce cycle time and add thru-put to their operations. SprayMax provides spray gun-like results while saving time and material costs. This Benchmark Application Comparison outlines impressive results.

Test Conditions

Damage Characteristics: Damage to the bodywork consisted of surface scrapes on the front part of the fender. No additional parts of vehicle body damaged. No corrosion. Damage range was 3-4 inches (8-10cm) in length, by 1-1/2-2 inches (4-5cm) in height.

Process and Procedure: Repairs were done straight on the car with the fender in its original position. Colour shade measured with a digital colour instrument. Basecoat mixed using a commercial mixing machine, from one of the established paint systems in the market. Filling of the coating into the corresponding cup of a spot repair spray gun or via a FillClean machine into the aerosol can. In this instance, a prefilled can was used from the SprayMax product line designed for the corresponding colour system.

Residual materials in spray gun or spray can are not taken into consideration for the benchmark calculation, neither are any pot life issues with the 2K materials.

An automatized gun cleaning device was used to clean the spray gun after the single coating steps.

Repair as performed with a spot repair spray gun: All preparation work like cleaning, masking, grinding and primer/ filler application was done in a work stall designed for general repair procedures. The coating with base coat and clear coat was done with a spray gun in a spot repair booth. Drying was done using IR-lamps outside the spot repair booth.

Repair performed with the SprayMax aerosol system: The spot repair procedure and all consecutive steps were performed in a working area designed for preparation or multipurpose, with local air suction active.

Variable labour costs for the different steps of the repair procedure are not taken into consideration. Benchmark calculation relates to working times only.

For more information visit spraymax.com

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