Cruising Concerns: Toyota Canada recalls 11,000 vehicles for airbags that might not deploy if the driver’s window is down.

Toronto, Ontario — Toyota has announced a recall for the 2024 Toyota Grand Highlander and Lexus TX due to an issue where the airbags may not properly deploy on the driver’s side if their window is rolled down.

In Canada, the recall specifically affects approximately 9,039 Grand Highlanders and 2,819 TX vehicles. In the United States, another 145,000 vehicles are also expected to be affected.

In a statement related to the issue, Toyota commented that the “curtain shield airbag on the driver’s side may not deploy as intended during certain crashes if the driver’s window is rolled down.”

While the automaker did not clarify what ‘certain crashes’ entails, it did indicate that the possibility of non-functioning airbags means the vehicles “may not meet a federal safety standard.”

Owners with affected vehicles will be notified via letter beginning in the middle of August. Owners will be able to have their vehicle repaired by an authorized Toyota dealership free of charge.

Until then, drivers with affected vehicles will have to enjoy their summer cruising with the windows rolled up.


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