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By Darryl Simmons
Publisher, Collision Repair Magazine


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Spanesi®’s Multibench Workstation

The Multibench Workstation from Spanesi® is the technician’s solution to e cient vehicle repairs. Boasting a load capacity of over 3,100kg and a pulling column capacity of 10 tons, this system is ideal for cars, mid-size SUVs, and small commercial vans. e Multibench allows technicians to li vehicles directly from the wheels removing the need for bu ers. With a small footprint and a total lowered height of under 35mm, the Multibench takes up very little room in the shop, allowing technicians to utilize the bay for other repair operations. Multibench has a li ing height of over 1450mm.

i5s – Smart Spot Welding System

The new Pro Spot i5s Smart Spot Welding System comes equipped with the industry’s most advanced adaptive auto welding technology and robust on-board training resources. The i5s advanced welding control system senses, reacts and adjusts welding energy based on material composition, thickness and resistance properties in real-time. Link for more info: https://prospot.com/pdf/i5s-BRO.pdf

Hunter ADASLink® Full Diagnostic Scan Tool

The Hunter ADASLink® Full Diagnostic Scan Tool offers Dynamic (driving)ADAS calibration coverage. The static (fixture) ADAS calibration system is available with DAS 3000. The product is FCA secure gateway compatible and pre- and post-scan ready. It allows users to look at installed systems and associated codes for comprehensive use in any bay, without Hunter aligner. The full scan tool is not limited only to ADAS.

Pro Series Body Fillers

ToolLKQ’s Pro Series Body Fillers are available in four different finishes.

1. Pro Series Premium Lightweight Autobody Filler FIB1004; 3.0L/0.8 Gallons
2. Pro Series Lightweight Finishing Putty and Hardner FIB1024; 1.5kg/3.3lbs
3. Pro Series Lightweight Autobody Filler FIB2004; 3.0L/0.8 Gallons
4. Pro Series Fiberglass Reinforced Autobody Filler FIB3112; 3.0L/0.8 Gallons

For more information, contact your local LKQ location or call 866-557-2677.

The Original Paint Gun Washer

In 1985, Herkules revolutionized the body shop industry by creating the Paint Gun Washer. Made in the USA, every model of paint gun washer still offers a significant productivity increase by reducing the hours spent per day cleaning spray guns, cups, and accessories to just minutes. Our line of solvent or waterborne paint spray gun washers offers hands-free washing and push-up nozzle for one-handed washing and rinsing and a flow-through adjustable controlled brush, simplifying washing. Wash and waste are separated, reducing hazardous waste with solvent recovery that reduces costs on solvent purchases that creates an environmentally friendly solution.


Optimize shop production and communication with Carbeat.® It helps you optimize your body shop’s production and communication flow, and so much more. Carbeat is a patented software system combined with a large digital touch-screen that is customized to suit your business, operated by your own associates. As an interactive tool, CarBeat provides a detailed look at your production in each independent phase of the repair. Plus, with built-in departmental analysis and reporting of cycle times and bottlenecks, it helps you better control production and process flow and increases your shop’s profitability and efficiency.

Boss Lifts™ by Herkules™

DiagnosticBoss Lifts™–Speeding shop processes with powerful, efficient, and ergonomic lifts. Herkules™ offers Automotive Lift Equipment to a wide variety of customers, including auto dealerships, service garages, fleet operations, hobbyists, and do-it-yourselfers. The BossLifts™ product line features automotive lifts and air jacks that support shop efforts and speed processes. Developed with safety, efficiency, and ergonomics in mind, the BossLifts™ product line’s lifts use domestic steel and are manufactured in Michigan, USA. Leveraging the engineering knowledge and experience gained through developing our popular customized industrial lifts, BossLifts™ provide quality, strength, and versatility to any shop.

Indasa Autogloss Compound Plus

Indasa Abrasives’ Autogloss Compound Plus includes a number of excitingfeatures and benefits. Fast cutting abrasive power means users can expecta permanent removal of P1500 scratch marks. The product is dry use, for a cleaner and quicker process with no excessive dusting or splatter. Its silicone free formulation is safe for the bodyshop, and a single stage process allows for superior system efficiency to achieve a gloss finish. Theproduct also reduces heat build-up, is VOC free, produces a high gloss level and is a multi-substrate.

asTech Diagnostic

asTech simplifies the repair process by providing access to OEM and OEM-compatible diagnostic tools, ADAS insights, calibrations, and programming capabilities all from a single device for a more streamlined workflow. With asTech, you get:

• The power to choose the right scan type for the job (remote OEM or local OEM-compatible)

• Identify and perform more ADAS calibrations

• Support from 400+ certified technicians

• Seamless estimatic integration and reporting

• Scans covered by our warranty


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