It’s time to get the transformation train moving


We are part of an industry with many moving parts, several connecting checkpoints and numerous verticals, in which effective conversations are required for the deal, job—the entire relationship—to go smoothly.

It’s integral, as the industry nears an unavoidable intersection, that we work together with minimal conflict, from the first notice of loss through delivery and beyond. A commonly-addressed theme in my conversations from this past year has been contained in a word the collision repair sector likes to toss around liberally during speaker presentations, keynotes, training sessions and the like: change.

The industry is always talking about what’s changed; what’s changing at the minute and what’s bound to change at some indiscernible date in the future. Sometimes it feels like we spend so much time reminiscing about the past or dreaming about the future that we forget we’re able to take action on challenges in the present moment.

At this very moment, this industry has no shortage of frustrated folks. They think it may be too late to alter the course the collision repair sector is headed on. We’ve been talking about tackling change for the last 20 years, they say. There’s nothing that can be done. If you’re of that mind, do this magazine a favour: scream into your pillow, then leave that pillow in 2022. We’re about optimism in 2023. Let’s get the change train finally moving. We’re a pretty smart industry. We are capable of creating initiatives that lead toward more open, productive conversation between parties of all verticals, on all levels. There are plenty of ways to get involved in advocacy— and they all start in the same place, with a conversation. Discuss the challenges we’re facing as an industry as casually as what you had for dinner last night. Partake in industry groups—I hear there’s a pretty cool association gaining traction…wink-wink. Check out Darryl’s publisher’s page at the front of the book for more on that.

This year’s Insurer Report Card received an overwhelming amount of comments. One of the most unfortunate themes, repeated in nearly a dozen testimonials, spoke to the fear of speaking out. There are members of this industry that feel they must stay silent on long-persisting issues, lest their livelihood be challenged.

But this isn’t about one party in particular. We’re not aiming to engage in a tug-o-war. Every role in the industry can play a part in shifting course.

Another calendar flip is before us. Let’s quit discussing change and move forward to a revolutionized, modernized industry for all. Happy New Year from Collision Repair magazine.


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