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By CRM Staff 

Toronto, Ontario – February 5, 2019 – British Columbia drivers are calling for a change when it comes to their auto insurance options.

According to survey results released from the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC), 82 percent of British Columbians said that they want more choice in the auto insurance market and that they would be in favour of more competition.

IBC commissioned Maple Leaf Strategies to conduct the survey in order to better understand the attitudes of British Columbians towards their current auto insurance system and the monopoly the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia has on the market. The survey, which polled 800 residents across B.C., ran from January 16 to 20, 2019.

Additional information revealed in the polling showed that 76 percent of participants would be in favour of the government’s efforts to introduce a cap on minor injuries and that only 10 percent of respondents said that they would support the decision to eliminate the ability to sue for pain and suffering.

“It’s clear that British Columbians want change, and they want choice in auto insurance,” commented IBC Pacific vice-president Aaron Sutherland. “Opening BC’s auto insurance marketplace to competition would save drivers up to $325 annually. Competition provides a powerful incentive for any company to deliver the best service at the best price.”

B.C. insurance rates are set to rise 6.3 percent effective April, 2019.


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