Carlson Body Supply and BASF donate $5,000 to Saskatchewan Polytechnic

By CRM staff

Toronto, Ontario – February 5, 2019 – With a shortage of paint technicians in the collision repair industry, Carlson Body Shop Supply Saskatchewan and BASF showed its commitment to the future by donating $5,000 to Saskatchewan Polytechnic for the purchase of a virtual spray system.

“With a shortage of technicians in the collision industry, Carlson Body Shop Supply and BASF have recognized this dilemma and partner with many of the industry leaders in future employee development programs,” says Carlson Body Shop Supply district sales manager Kelly Hackman.

The virtual system costs around $40,000 and gives future technicians the ability to practice spray painting through the technology of virtual reality. It provides a real-life evaluation for students without the cost associated with spraying real liquid.

“Most people have never even held a spray gun before, it’s very intimidating,” said Hackman.

He explained that this tool has proven to be a valuable source of training and will provide more confidence for the technicians of the future.

Hackman says the system should be up and running for some-time in the fall of this year, possibly even earlier.



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