Alberta Government announces funding for electric vehicle network

By CRM staff

Toronto, Ontario – February 5, 2019 –– The Government of Alberta announced on Monday that they will be providing $1.2 million towards the provinces Peaks to Prairies electric vehicle network.

The network will be installing 20 fast-charging stations that will cover more than 1,700 km of southern Alberta highways.

Canadian provinces such as Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia have taken the lead on progress with electric vehicles.

The Alberta government hopes that by installing more charging stations in recreational and retail areas in small communities, that it will boost their tourism and economic development. They also hope that this will help overcome some of the challenge’s electric vehicle owners face, and will give more options for drivers to purchase and own an electric vehicle.

“Supporting new electric vehicle charging stations will help Alberta transition to a lower-carbon future. This grassroots initiative is proof that Albertans are leading the way in projects that diversify our economy, create jobs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change,” said Shannon Phillips, Minister responsible for the Climate Change office.

The charging stations are expected to be installed by the end of 2019.

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