With spring comes the season of hope. However, it also presents a host of new graduates—students that are the ready for hiring in Canada’s collision repair sector. Looking to hire young talent in today’s climate? Collision Repair sat down with new autobody students working in the field to learn what they were looking for when they kicked off their job search, and what you need to offer to bring them to your door!


When it comes to hiring, attracting the right people is quite similar to traditional marketing strategies your business may apply to consumers. For instance, if your shop is skilled in BMW repairs and holds certifications for the brand, you should be pushing your top-notch abilities in your promotional schemes.

Similarly, you need to highlight your strengths when seeking a student or young autobody professional for a role. If your business prides itself on staying up to date with the latest welding trends and courses, advertise as such. If an incoming apprentice or technician is seeking a workplace with top-notch tools to expand their skills, or opportunities available for them to pursue and, ultimately, up their trade game.


In today’s climate, aspiring technicians and apprentices are seeking a “work-life balance,” says Fadi Smaidi, founder and CEO of SkillsTrader. A clear way to signify your commitment to this ideology is to foster a healthy shop culture—you may even witness other benefits along the way. There are many elements that come with fostering a healthy shop culture, but the first step is transparency and honesty. Let them in on your financials and be clear with them on how business is running. If you make you staff feel part of a team, they’ll be that much more inclined to take their efforts—and your business—further.


Tidiness is the first thing a potential employee will notice when they step into repair bay. Are your tools scattered about the room like confetti? Does the feeling of stepping into your bodyshop resemble that of wandering into a cave?

Lighting was the first aspect Albertan autobody student Edison Syme noted in his job search. He said it was immediately clear to him that a shop took pride and care in its work if its repair floor was clean, organized and well-lit.


Shop apprentices are all-too-often shoved into a corner or told to sweep up messes without ever being offered the opportunity for further training or growth. Shops—if you have an apprentice, use them! Student apprentices are in your shop to do exactly what their position implies—be a student. While they’ve grasped a basic understanding of automotive repair, it’s your job as their mentor to strengthen those ropes and present them with new opportunities they may not find elsewhere.

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