Automated inventory control system launched by icoat

icoat logo

By Jeff Sanford Toronto, Ontario — February 22, 2016 — The collision repair industry continues to delve deeper into the digital world. Wayne Brady, CEO of icoat, has announced his company is offering a new cloud-based inventory control system for collision repair facilities. “We have launched our fully-automated collision inventory system in Canada,” said Brady […]

Media Spike #11 – What’s Your Favourite Number

Dennis Kelly

by Dennis Kelly Welcome Back. Hope you’re having a great day today. Are you one in a million? Perhaps one in 100,000? Maybe sneaking in there at one in 3,000? The hardest part of making yourself memorable is finding a way to STAND OUT. In a sea of daily messages, it has been estimated we […]

Media Spike – You Deserve A Reward…with My Appreciation

Dennis Kelly

by Dennis Kelly Thank you Collision Repair readers. Sometimes things go off the rails. Despite all your efforts, diligence, vigilance and savvy, the unexpected happens. You’ve had days like that? Me too. Yesterday in fact. To my horror, I learned of the Dreaded ERROR 404. Something went bump in the night, and a valuable link […]

Media Spike #10 – START The Presses!

Dennis Kelly

by Dennis Kelly Hope it’s a great day. Thanks for coming along. Believe me, I didn’t forget you. We’ve only known each other a little while now, but I wouldn’t forget you. In a recent message, we advised there is a century old benchmark for advertising. More than 100 years later, this definition is masterful […]

Media Spike #9 – Close Your Eyes and Listen

Dennis Kelly

by Dennis Kelly Greetings once again. So glad you could join us for a few minutes. You might remember yesterday, we were having a great discussion with Peter. He was asking what it meant to purchase a radio sponsorship. What it means, Peter, is you are making a purchase to be specifically aligned to a […]

Media Spike #8 – What’s Your Wavelength?

Dennis Kelly

by Dennis Kelly Thanks for taking the time to join me. Not too long ago I heard a familiar statement from one client who said they’d like to start advertising again. I replied with customary – WONDERFUL!! enthusiasm and began asking a few questions. Well that’s exciting Peter, have you thought about which media you’d […]

Media Spike #7 – STOP it Right Now!!

Dennis Kelly

by Dennis Kelly Welcome along. Is your advertising working as hard as you are? Genuinely? Is it? Is it stimulating awareness? Provoking trial by purchase? Inciting repeat purchases by more and more customers? If it is, break out the champagne and celebrate. That’s fabulous. If it’s not doing any of those things- then STOP.

Media Spike #6 – Spend Smarter, Not Just More!

Dennis Kelly

by Dennis Kelly Hi, hope you’re having a great day. Recently one client asked about a small on-line campaign we were developing. I was, naturally very pleased they liked our media recommendation, but a bit disconcerted at the question. Are the 50,000 impressions on site XYZ going to be enough over 4 weeks? Should we […]

Media Spike #5 – The Power of Advance Notice

Dennis Kelly

by Dennis Kelly Welcome back. Thanks for taking my call. We just heard that you landed this account and think our magazine would be a great place for you to advertise, and I can come by in twenty minutes to pick up your order and can you have a $7,500 deposit cheque ready, and we’ll […]

Media Spike #4 – When Cooler Heads Prevail

Dennis Kelly

by Dennis Kelly Glad you stopped by. Recently one client asked me to comment on the potential choice of radio stations in two different markets. That’s fine. It’s part of what I do and I was glad to respond. It poses a bit of a quagmire potential because so many factors influence the choice of […]