Media Spike #2 – Do You Like My Tie?

Dennis Kelly

by Dennis Kelly Greetings, So, how do I look? Is my tie on straight? Hair combed? Freshly shaved? Can you tell since you’re only reading me? Probably not. Do you care? Maybe, but I doubt it.

Media Spike #1- Get It Right The First Time

Dennis Kelly

by Dennis Kelly Welcome, The most amazing part of your advertising is the endless opportunities you have to announce YOU ARE HERE! As we kick-off our series, I want you to always remember each media you choose is your platform. You have command of the floor, the stage, the spotlight and it’s your chance to […]

How to make friends and gain influence

Andrew Marsh

by Andrew Marsh, Engineering Director, AIC Ltd Each month, millions of words and thousands of hours are dedicated to telling the business how to market to an ill-defined target audience. There are some really powerful techniques, many of which belong to vast corporations rather than the lifeblood of any advanced economy, or small to medium […]