Robotic Results: BMW robot-applied paint repairable by humans

Munich, Germany — BMW recently announced that it was testing new robotically-applied paint technology on some M4 Coupes, but wants to reassure all the flesh-based refinishers out there that the work can still be repaired by puny humans. This new technology from BMW allows the application of several colours and designs to its cars’ bodywork […]

Circular Solutions: BMW designs 100 percent recyclable ‘Vision Circular’ concept vehicle

Toronto, Ontario — BMW revealed its vision for a sustainable future on Monday, unveiling the fully-recyclable Vision Circular concept vehicle, made entirely from reusable materials. When BMW says that everything in this car is both recycled and eventually recyclable, they mean everything, as the company boasts that the battery driving the concept vehicle “is 100% […]

A Natural Solution: BMW to meet 2030 emissions goal with renewable, organic-based parts

Toronto, Ontario — In the ongoing fight to curb carbon emissions, the BMW Group has announced its plan to integrate more renewable materials into its OE parts going forward. “We are setting new standards for sustainable premium quality—by rethinking materials and focusing more than ever on resource-efficient alternatives and renewable materials with strong dismantling capability,” […]

BMW’s Blessings: OEM updates carbon fibre part ordering process

Toronto, Ontario — BMW’s July 26 bulletin outlined a new ordering and approval process for certain carbon fibre parts “to ensure the repair facility purchasing the restricted part is properly equipped and trained to perform the repair.” The request process for carbon fibre parts now requires supplying the parts dealer with photos of the VIN […]


“BMW Group Canada wishes to congratulate Collision Repair Magazine for its 20th anniversary as a publication for the collision industry and, more recently, as an advocate for OE Certified Collision Repair. It’s hard to believe that this magazine is already in its 20th year of circulation. As a certified body technician, I have been reading […]

BMW Boosts E-Mobility: OEM moves into second phase of electrification plans

Toronto, Ontario — BMW is shifting it into high gear and moving into the second phase of its e-mobility plans.  The luxury car company has now released three electric vehicles, which is only the beginning of the second phase. They are planning to deliver two million fully electric vehicles globally by the end of 2025. […]

A Mandatory Move: Pre- and post-scans not optional, reminds BMW

Toronto, Ontario — BMW Collision Program Manager Jonathan Inzano is reminding collision repairers that pre- and post-scans are no longer an option with today’s modern vehicles. “Before and after any collision repair there must be a pre- and post-scan,” said Inzano, during a Thursday Guild 21 webinar. “This is likely common knowledge already, but imagine […]

Back in Bavaria: Guild 21 to revisit BMW Repair Technology in upcoming webinar

Toronto, Ontario — In the latest webinar to be offered by Guild 21, a panel of experts will dive into the German engineering behind BMW Repair Technology, currently scheduled for March 11. Back by popular demand with more updates and a Q&A session, Jonathan Inzano and Atilla Princz will lead the presentation on the latest […]

BMW Blunders: Improper clips and PDR holes could spawn airbag issues

Toronto, Ontario — Using improper clips on some BMW doors could result in airbag issues, BMW collision program manager Jonathan Inzano said during a Feb. 11 Guild 21 webinar. During Guild 21’s BMW Repair Technology webinar, Inzano⁠—alongside BMW insurance manager Attila Princz⁠—explained that BMW models could carry pressure sensors inside the cavity of side doors.  […]

New Launch: DCR Systems introduces the new licensing model

Columbus, Ohio — DRC Systems announced Friday, Jan. 22., that Keeler Motor Car Company is the first company to sign a licensing agreement that provides DRC systems’ full turnkey operating model in the United States. The licensing agreement is expected to accelerate the relaunch and future expansion of Keeler Collision in Latham, New York. “DCR […]