Americas All Together: BMW hosts inaugural CCRC Conference of the Americas in California

Palm Springs, California — BMW hosted its 2023 Certified Collision Repair Centre (CCRC) Conference of the Americas last week, where 450 collision repair shop reps, vendor partners and industry members gathered for two days of festivities in the desert. The meeting marked the first time BMW CCRC members from the United States, Canada, Mexico, Peru […]

A Hill to Die On: BMW drivers complain they can’t update on an incline

Toronto, Ontario — A BMW owner has discovered a new restriction imposed by the OEM: vehicle software that won’t update when the vehicle is parked on an incline. “In ‘sentences that would make your nan’s head explode’: I can’t update my car because I live on a hill,” tweeted Clare Eliza, the owner of an […]

Mood Paint: Concept Volkswagen ID.7 at CES can change colours in 22 places, OEM says

Las Vegas, Nevada — Volkswagen may be calling its paint job “camouflage,” but there is no doubt that attendees to CES in Las Vegas can’t take their eyes off a colour-changing concept model of the electric ID.7 sedan on display at this year’s show. The German OEM calls the finish “smart camouflage,” claiming that this […]

BMW’s BFF: OEM unveils talking, colour-changing car at CES

Las Vegas, Nevada — You’re lying if you say you’ve never talked to yourself⁠. Seriously⁠—have you never rattled off a story or idea while alone in the comfort of a car? If you’re of the majority,dont’ be surprised when the car speaks back to you. BMW has unveiled a talking concept car, the i Vision […]

Popularity Contest: Ford F-150 remains Canada’s most sought-after vehicle, Honda Civic surges in popularity

Toronto, Ontario — Canadian automotive marketplace AutoTrader unveiled a report last Thursday concerning car shopper preferences in 2022, indicating that luxury and mainstay vehicles remain the most popular vehicles, with interest in more economic options driving other contenders towards the Top 10. Impressively, the Ford F-150 holds strong as Canada’s most sought-after vehicle for the […]

EV/AV Report: Perpetual motion and delayed releases

Toronto, Ontario — In this week’s report, BMW patents a suspension system capable of converting road bumps into electric vehicle (EV) energy, Apple delays its autonomous vehicle (AV) debut to 2026, and Tesla returns radar sensors to its autopilot suite after a short hiatus. This is the latest in electric and autonomous vehicles. Unlimited Power […]