Customer Consultation: BMW cars get an artificial intelligence (A.I.) upgrade that preemptively tells drivers of possible problems

Toronto, Ontario – BMW has recently started a rollout upgrade to existing cars that can assess automotive issues and give drivers suggestions on how to fix their vehicle before they register as a problem. 

The program, known as “Proactive Care,” makes use of A.I. systems and in-car data to serve as what BMW refers to as a “digital concierge” for drivers. 

The program is set to monitor a host of potential automotive concerns such as tire diagnosis, fault messages, service requirements and notifies drivers on possible solutions. 

According to BMW, drivers can be notified of potential issues through a variety of methods such as via a message in the MyBMW app for ios and Android, through in-car notifications, by email, or even through a phone call from roadside assistance. 

The “Proactive Care” A.I. assistant may tell the driver about an over-the-air software update or might suggest they book their car in for a service check. The A.I. is also prepared to recommend a dealership that could best help fix the issue. 

This move is part of BMW’s “digital-first” approach and represents a reverse method of collision repair in which it is the dealer and automaker that first notifies a driver of a needed repair. 

The digital upgrade for “Proactive Care” is available for all vehicles currently running BMW Operating System 7 with drivers also having access to a paid BMW Connected Drive contract and a registered MyBMW app account. 


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