Get your Grant: Purolator launches True North Small Business Grant contest

Toronto, Ontario — In support of a stronger Canada, Purolator announced that it is now accepting entries for the company’s True North Small Business Grant Contest. The contest offers three Canadian small businesses an opportunity to receive $20,000 in cash, plus $15,000 in marketing promotions and $500 in free shipping with Purolator.  The contest is […]

Collision Core Quality: Sherwin-Williams’ new app earns 2021 Kool Tools distinction from SCRS

Toronto, Ontario — Sherwin-Williams’ recently launched Collision Core Quality has not only grabbed the attention of  body shops implementing the application, but also those of industry partners like the Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS). This year, SCRS released its newest list of Kool Tools and Sherwin-Williams Collision Core Quality was among those recognized by […]

It’s Getting Hot in Here: Understand the signs of heatstroke and exhaustion

Toronto, Ontario — The past two years, COVID-19 has been the centre of every shop’s attention. However, as we enter the summer months things like heat exhaustion and heat stroke are still things shops should be keeping an eye on. Regardless if a facility has air conditioning or not, employees are still at risk of […]

The ‘New Normal’: CIECA webinar guest says industry should not ‘fight’ AI

Toronto, Ontario — On Thursday, CIECA held a webinar on the future of AI in the collision repair industry.  Driaan du Toit, vice president of strategy and development at Solera hosted the webinar, alongside Evan Davies, Solera’s chief technology officer (CTO).  The two covered a variety of topics ranging from the impact of COVID-19, to […]

Infrared Info: Global Finishing Solutions released a free guide on infrared drying

Toronto, Ontario — Global Finishing Solutions has released a free guide on how short wave infrared (IR) drying technology can speed up shop’s operations.  As the number of work orders and competitors in the collision repair industry continues to rise, body shops must find a way to increase throughput while maintaining quality. Both are achievable […]

Road Trip Ready: Nearly 50 percent of Canadians are planning road trips this summer

Toronto, Ontario — Collision repair shops may finally get their volumes back to pre-pandemic levels this summer, with nearly 50 percent of Canadians planning to take a road trip over the next few months.   The past 15 months have been tough for bodyshops. With more people working from home, restrictions on travel and what seems […]

EV Apprehension: New survey says there are still many barriers preventing Canadians from adopting EVs, which could be worrisome for automotive industry

Toronto, Ontario — Across Canada, collision repair facilities and automakers have been preparing for the future: electric vehicles.  Trying to stay ahead of the electric curve, many shops have obtained EV certifications, invested in new equipment and training. While, automakers have been pumping out electric vehicles left, right and center—with more than 130 new EVs […]

To Each Their Own: MPI makes compensation agreements directly with Manitoba body shops, automotive associations displeased

Winnipeg, Manitoba — Last Fall, Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) and two automotive associations entered into negotiations to discuss compensation increases. However, after many months of negotiations, MPI determined that negotiations with the Manitoba Motor Dealers Association (MMDA) and the Automotive Trades Association (ATA) could no longer proceed. And it exercised its right to terminate the industry […]