Infrared Info: Global Finishing Solutions released a free guide on infrared drying

Toronto, Ontario — Global Finishing Solutions has released a free guide on how short wave infrared (IR) drying technology can speed up shop’s operations. 

As the number of work orders and competitors in the collision repair industry continues to rise, body shops must find a way to increase throughput while maintaining quality. Both are achievable with infrared (IR) drying technology, which can offer unmatched throughput gains, quality improvements and energy cost savings.

The guide will cover the differences between gas catalytic and electric infrared systems, how to get one more car to your paint shop per day and solutions to start saving you time and money immediately. 

The guide will also provide real-life examples of how REVO Systems can reduce total vehicle repair time to less than an hour and how electric IR can be easily integrated into your shop, oftentimes without changing a shop’s footprint or requiring additional labor. 

To download the free guide, click here


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