Wednesday Wisdom: Sean LeBlanc SGI’s senior director of Corporate Claims Improvement and Strategic Partnerships

Toronto, Ontario — Over the course of this year, repair shop partners have shared concerns with some of SGI’s processes, including not always receiving timely responses from them. 

In response, Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) introduced a new position: Claims Industry Partner Representative. The goal of this position is to improve communication between SGI and the auto repair industry.

Collision Repair got ahold of Sean LeBlanc, SGI’s senior director of Corporate Claims Improvement and Strategic Partnerships to discuss how this new position will benefit shops. 

Collision Repair: Why did SGI decide to introduce the new position: Claims Industry Partner Representative?

Sean LeBlanc: Well we are always listening to our industry and to the autobody industry for opportunities to improve our responsiveness and to better serve our customers. So, really it was about strengthening SGI’s relationship with what we consider our high-value partners. 

CR: Before this new position, shops would just contact the claims employee on their file. Will SGI Claims Industry Partner Representative work with all shops to help streamline problems that can’t be solved through the claims employee on file?

SL: Yes, there were a number of different avenues that shops could go to depending on what the situation was. But there were always some issues that were in the grey area or were extremely complex and people weren’t sure who to reach out to.

And yes that’s what this position will do—at least at the outset—in the intent of how it’s going to help serve the industry.

CR: What are some common concerns among collision repairers; the concerns that led SGI to create this role?

SL: Some of the concerns we were hearing were anecdotal and we wanted to take this opportunity to get someone focused on these issues and start documenting them and collecting data. So, we can determine the root causes of problems. Or if there are underlying issues that can be solved through a change of workflow or training.

That is one of the goals of this position, is to gain and collect that data.

CR: How will this new position benefit shops?

SL: Our goal is to try to get out of the shop’s way so they can get their work done as quickly and efficiently as possible. We understood too that there are some shops where the operators and owners are wearing multiple hats–if they have a question they can’t be waiting on the phone to get an answer. We’re hoping this will help let the shops get their work done as quickly as possible. 

CR: How would you say collision claims have been transformed amid the pandemic?

SL: The pandemic gave us time to reflect, as the claims volume did drop a bit. It’s been an opportunity for us to find ways to improve our service. And I think there probably is a heightened demand on the autobody industry as well. I’m sure customers are in stressful situations at times. So, they have had to provide top-notch service as well. 


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