Stuck in the Cold: Tesla updates app to allow remote door unlatching in response to stuck handles

Toronto, Ontario — With winter looming on the horizon, many Tesla owners are surely dreading the routine coin toss of whether  their car’s door handles will be frozen stuck when they try to get it started in the morning—luckily Tesla finally has a solution coming to its mobile app.

Coming alongside the recent iOS 4.14 update, drivers of the Tesla Model 3 and Y will now be able to unlatch their car doors via the company’s mobile app, thanks to recent improvements.

The feature skirts the problem of door handles not deploying by simply unlatching the door itself, wide enough to fit a hand in and pull the door open—call it a remedy, maybe not a fix.

Regardless, the update stands to benefit the approximately 35 percent of the Tesla fleet that is currently on update 2022.36 or later and will have access to the features.

To access the new feature, drivers will need to add the “Unlatch Door” icon to the Quick Actions section of the Tesla app that appears under the vehicle visualization.

Have any Tesla owners had their doors get stuck closed in the winter? Ever had to assist a customer in this situation? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section.


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