Snap-on releases three new products

Snap-on announced three of its new products: the KMP1163 Masters Series 72” Roll Cabs, the “Hockey II” ECPRA072 and the EECT900 Multi-Probe Ultra.

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Toronto, Ontario — March 27, 2018 — Snap-on announced three of its new products: the KMP1163 Masters Series 72” Roll Cabs, the “Hockey II” ECPRA072 and the EECT900 Multi-Probe Ultra.

Snap-on KMP1163 Masters Series 72” Roll Cabs are now available with a SpeeDrawer for organizing loose fasteners, parts and tools. It features built in colour-matching dividers that can be arranged to fit individual needs in a 2” tall drawer. Units also come with a dedicated PowerDrawer that has a five outlet, two USB port strips to charge power tool batteries and personal electronics.

“Tool storage serves an integral role in the livelihood of Snap-on customers – housing, organizing and protecting investments made in the tools of their trade,” says Scott Amundson, a Snap-on Tools product manager. “Snap-on has created tool storage to be the central hub of the work day – functional and hard-working design options, with fun, aesthetically appealing colours and finishes.”

Snap-on has added numerous colour combinations to its tool storage roll cabs. From the brand’s trademark red to electric orange and everything in between, these tool storage colour options are designed to appeal to any shop scheme or individual tech’s style, according to Snap-on. Roll cabs can have bed liner or stainless steel tops and come with the option of bright chrome or blackout details.


Ideal for jobs in and around confined spaces, the new Snap-on “Hockey II” ECPRA072 is a 700-lumen light that offers big light in a hockey puck-sized package.

“Snap-on is known for taking the best and making it even better, and that’s what we’ve done with this light,” says Mark Ganey, a Snap-on Tools product manager. “We took a popular, lower lumen light, increased the brightness, run time and durability to provide the ultimate product in our smallest lighting category.”

The ECPRA072 is made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and has an IP54 rating for its capacity to withstand exposure to water and dust. According to Snap-on, it is the first aluminum bodied project light in the line and utilizes USB-C for recharging – the newest standard in portable electronics. When fully charged, the Hockey II lasts up to six hours on its lowest setting and two hours on high. This light offers a built in battery gauge, variable dimming and can withstand drops from 4 metres, says Snap-on.


The new EECT900 Multi-Probe Ultra from Snap-on features both a circuit tester and digital multimeter in a handheld device. Technicians can test AC and DC voltage, resistance and amperage.

“Tracking down an electrical problem without the right equipment can consume much of a technician’s day,” says, Snap-on product manager Dave Brekke. “Our advanced multi-probe tester combines circuit tester functions with a multimeter, so if the vehicle or equipment you’re testing has an electrical problem, this tool can locate it.”

The large, rear-facing LCD navigation screen on the Multi-Probe is easy to read, even in tight spaces, with a colour-coded menu, says Snap-on. Data is displayed by colour for easy recall of the mode in use – purple indicates AC voltage, orange DC voltage, yellow amperage and white ohms. Single-function buttons speed scrolling up and down, muting, turning the light on and off and powering a circuit. An AC metre displays peak-to-peak, pulse width, duty cycle, frequency and TRMS simultaneously to keep techs in the know about the job at hand.

The Multi-Probe Ultra comes with a 23-foot cable to connect to the vehicle battery and move around cars, trucks, boats, ATVs and more. Circuit breaker protected power-up and built in vehicle battery status check helps technicians stay informed before diagnosing circuits. The tool also provides audible smart-tones to indicate positive or negative tip readings, along with warning sounds and more.

For more information, please visit: snapon.com/EN



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