The Carrossier ProColor Network Joins Forces with Réparevitre

Sylvain Dufault, general manager of the Carrossier ProColor network.
By CRM Staff
Laval, Quebec — March 28, 2018 — The Carrossier ProColor network recently announced its affiliation with Réparevitre, CrackMaster’s Quebec franchise. Considering that Carrossier ProColor alone brings together more than 162 franchisees, Carrossier ProColor in association with Réparevitre could become the largest network of franchisees in Quebec in the replacement and repair of car windows.
“This affiliation with the consolidation that the industry has seen in recent years, with the number of collision repair shops decreasing significantly, the diversification of services offered by franchisees will have a positive effect on maintaining (or even growing) their market share and therefore the profitability of their business,” said Sylvain Dufault, general manager of the Carrossier ProColor network.
The contribution of Réparevitre will bring the Carrossier ProColor network a better customer experience by directly offering windshield repair and replacement service, a thriving and profitable market which will add even more value to its offer of services.
For more information, visit carrossier-procolor.com.

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