Ryan Evans takes NitroHeat for a spin

Ryan Evans of the TV show 'Counting Cars' at Wedge Clamp, where he tried the NitroHeat system for the first time. Evans, clearly impressed by the system, noted how it helped to lay down a solid covering in one coat with no blotching. He was also impressed by how quickly the paint was ready for clear.

By Mike Davey

Richmond, British Columbia — October 11, 2016 — It looks like the NitroHeat system has another convert. This time it’s high-profile celebrity painter Ryan Evans of the TV show “Counting Cars.” According to NitroHeat’s designer, Derek Naidoo, the system combines heat and low-pressure nitrogen to deliver a smoother, faster-drying and more economical paint application than conventional compressed-air systems.

Evans tried out the system for the first time at Wedge Clamp’s headquarters in Long Beach, California. Wedge Clamp is the exclusive North American distributor for NitroHeat. A video of Evans’ reaction clearly shows his enthusiasm for the system’s capabilities.

“This is incredible. It should not spray like this,” says Evans in the video. “The way the metallics lay down, everything is exactly where it’s supposed to be. There’s no blotching.”

You can see Evans’ reaction for yourself in the video below. For more information on NitroHeat, please visit wedgeclamp.com.




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