Bumps Begone: Tesla adaptive suspension to recognize potholes with new update

Toronto, Ontario – A new software update might save Teslas from pothole damage, thanks to improvements in vehicle sensors and networking.

According to patch notes posted by a member of the Tesla Motors Club forum, patch 2022.20 improves certain vehicles’ adaptive suspension to compensate for ‘rough road map data generated by Tesla cars.’

If enabled, Teslas with this patch will automatically raise their suspensions when driving on rough roads, and roads laden with potholes. These vehicles will also provide sensor data to a central database, further improving adaptive suspension performance on other vehicles in the network.

While the technology might be new, a tweet by Tesla CEO, Elon Musk suggests that development could have started in 2020, or earlier. These automatically generated micro-maps provide detailed road layouts that not only assist other vehicles but potentially allow authorities to identify areas or roads in desperate need of repair quickly.

Patch 2022.20 was first rolled out in Canada for Model S Long Range Teslas on July 2, according to Tesla Scope. While a Canadian follow-up for the Model X is anticipated, it is currently only available for Model X vehicles in the United States.


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