Return of the Rust: Honda recalls more than 100,000 CR-Vs for rear frame rust

Toronto, Ontario — More than 100,000 Canadian Honda CR-Vs are due for an inspection, according to Transport Canada, as rear frame rust rears its ugly head toward the automaker once more.

This latest recall to hit Honda will see 110,504 CR-Vs built between 2007 and 2011 taken into dealers to address rear frame rust that safety regulators say could result in the separation of the rear trailing arm from the vehicle.

This far from the first incidence of corrosion on Honda rear frames in Canada, as the OEM has issued several recalls over the past several years alone to rectify the issue, which is widely accepted to be a low tolerance to the road salt used by municipalities in the winter.

The Honda Ridgeline and Element were recently recalled for a nearly identical defect.

Drivers of affected CR-Vs will soon receive letters from Honda instructing them to take their vehicle in for an inspection of the rear frame stiffeners.

According to Transport Canada, “If the vehicle passes the inspection, the dealer will install a brace. For a vehicle that does not pass the inspection, Honda will repurchase the vehicle. In the event the repurchase is declined by an owner, a secondary inspection and body shop repair method may be possible.”

No reported injuries or deaths have been linked to the defect thus far.


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