Separation Anxiety: Transport Canada recalls 2003-2011 Honda Element SUVs for detaching rear trailing arms

Toronto, Ontario — Honda is recalling all 2003-2011 Element SUVs, warning of rusting rear frames that could result in the complete separation of the rear trailing arm.

According to Transport Canada, this recall applies to vehicles originally sold, or currently registered in areas of heavy road salt usage. This includes, but is not limited to Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador.

Signs of a worn rear trailing arm include difficulty to maintain a straight line, thudding noises coming from the rear and the appearance of the vehicle having been lifted.

In a worst case scenario, the vehicle may lose control.

Transport Canada elaborates that owners will be notified by mail to send their vehicle to dealers, who will inspect the vehicle for corrosion in the rear trailing arm front mount bolts.

If passed, corrosion protection and support braces will be installed. If failed, Honda will offer to repurchase the vehicle. However, secondary inspections and body shop repairs are also possible.

For more information on recall number 2021024, visit Transport Canada.


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One Response

  1. My 2006 Element in Upstate NY had this problem. Mechanic never saw it until I gave him a copy of the Canadian recall, then he was able to push his finger through the frame to which the drivers side trailing arm was attached. Local frame shop in Rochester had a fix but even after the $1000 job I’m selling the Element. Wish they still made it.

    Not a word from the US version of Transport Canada to alert owners here.

    Thank you Transport Canada!

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