All Clear: Insurance blacklist on theft-prone Hyundai vehicles ‘a U.S.-specific issue’, Hyundai Canada says

Toronto, Ontario — Hyundai Canada has spoken out amid recent reports that some of its models, along with vehicles from Kia, have been effectively blacklisted from being insured in certain U.S. states, clearing up that models on our side of the border remain insurable.

Reports came in Friday that drivers of certain Hyundai and Kia vehicles in Colorado and Missouri have been refused insurance policies due to the high theft rates associated with their vehicles, spurred by a lack of theft countermeasures on many model lineups.

A Hyundai Canada spokesperson has since come forward to offer the assurance that  “This is a U.S.-specific issue,” in a statement provided to CTV News.

“Since 2007, it has been mandatory in Canada to equip all vehicles with anti-theft engine immobilizers, and we confirm all current Canadian-market Hyundai and Genesis vehicles are equipped with electronic immobilizers. Additionally, vehicle alarms are fitted as standard on all current Hyundai and Genesis vehicles in Canada.”

For its part, Kia responded to CNN’s initial reports from Friday, claiming that engine immobilizers are now standard on all of its vehicles.

As well, Kia says they are currently looking into developing anti-theft systems that can be retrofitted into models not originally equipped with them, at no charge to the driver.


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