Power-Saving Mode: Japanese microchip producers predict shortage carrying through 2022

Toronto, Ontario — As the automotive industry barrels into yet another financial quarter still suffering from a case of microchip mania, Japan’s Rohm Co. comes bearing the grim news that the vital piece of technology will likely remain in short supply at least throughout next year.

The Kyoto-based chipmaker provides the now highly sought-after semiconductors to some of the biggest customers in the global auto industry: Toyota, Ford and Honda.

“All of our production facilities have been running at their full capacity since September last year, but orders from customers are overwhelming,” said CEO Isao Matsumoto in an interview this week.

“I don’t think we can fulfill all the backlog of orders next year.”

Matsumoto said the company is still waiting on the delivery of production equipment that is required to meet their increased production goals.

“Our plan to increase the number of chips we ask others to make on our behalf hasn’t changed, but these foundries have no such capacity right now, and next year looks very tight as well,” Matsumoto said.

“Maybe we can resume it a year after next, albeit gradually.”


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