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BASF uses data and trends to predict the future of car colours
By CRM Staff
Toronto, Ontario — June 29, 2018 — Automotive supplier BASF is using research and data to predict the future, at least in regards to the colour of new vehicles. 
Though they might not be claiming to know or be from the future, the German chemical company has combined trends in both technology and society to predict fashionable future colours. The finished product is an automotive trends collection that includes an assortment of 65 colours they believe to be popular in North America, the Asia-Pacific region, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, also known as the EMEA region. 
Using this information BASF predicts that new North American cars purchased in 2022 will be painted a deep blue hue colour know as “Atomium Sky.” The prediction is based on trending interests in both science and space travel. 
Car sharing is also responsible for future vehicle colours. As more people ditch their conventional commutes for shared autonomous units, BASF expects colours to be selected based on more universal tastes. BASF predicts “Kleur,” a heavily saturated and vibrant red, as a likely outcome due to its high visibility.   
BASF predicts its new “Gray Ambivalence” to be a top choice in Asia. They see the colour reflecting the culture’s interest in artificial intelligence. In the EMEA region, BASF predicts “The Urbanist,” metallic anthracite, as a reflection of the humans and their integration with technology. 
Only time will tell if BASF has really found a way of peaking into the future, until then expect to see the typical black, white and silver vehicles occupying roads near you. 

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