Tesla is altering the body structure of its Model Y SUV, making it the first vehicle of its kind to feature two large single casting pieces at the front and rear of the vehicle. The automaker plans to make a partner for the single-piece rear casting, integrated in January, with a complementary part for the Model Y’s front end. The single-piece rear casting was shown to reduce the 70 individual pieces of metal in the Model 3 rear end down to one in the Model Y.News of the new part broke after a photo of the front-end casting was leaked to LinkedIn and Tesla has since verified that they are building the part for the Model Y.


Ford has announced France-based aluminum supplier Constellium SE will be providing structural components for the all-electric Ford F-150 Lightning that will go on sale in the spring of 2022. The Lightning will follow the lead of previous F-150 models in its extensive use of high-strength aluminum parts. Constellium has been supplying aluminum parts to Ford’s aluminum-heavy trucks and SUVs since 2015. Constellium also now supplies recyclable aluminum components for Ford’s Broncos, Escapes, Expeditions and Rangers, as well as Lincoln’s Corsairs and Navigators.


Pro Spot International is excited to announce that the company’s SP-5.3 MIG welder has been officially approved for use on all Volkswagen repairs going forward. Pro Spot’s multi-process double pulse MIG welder was introduced three years ago and has since been approved for use on aluminum, steel and MIG brazing (CUSI) repairs. The SP-5.3 features three built-in torches, eliminating the need for changing liners and wires when switching materials. Just click the desired torch trigger and the welder sets the weld controller and gas automatically.


Honda has announced that its new Honda Sensing 360 safety technology will come standard on all new Honda and Acura models in the U.S. by 2030. According to Honda’s press release, Sensing 360 removes blind spots to enhance collision avoidance, while also reducing driver burden. “Honda Sensing 360 represents the next major step in what has already been an industry-leading application of safety and driver-assistive technologies,” said Gary Robinson, assistant v-p of product planning at Honda’s U.S. division in a statement. “Honda will continue to advance our technologies to improve safety for everyone sharing the road and play a leading role in realizing a collision-free society.”


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