Nothing gets commuters steamed faster than some joker holding things up in the left lane—but when that joker just up and parks their plane in the fast lane? Forget about it. A small propeller plane taking off from Buttonville Airport in Markham, Ontario in late October was forced to make an emergency landing after experiencing mechanical troubles. The closest available landing strip? Ontario’s Highway 407.


Have you ever found yourself begging for a smaller plastic repair tool during bumper repairs? TikTok may—or more likely, may not—have a fix for you. A video shared by TikTok user @rachel_meaders features the BONDIC Laser Liquid Plastic Welder—an itsy-bitsy plastic ‘welding’ tool that dispenses glue from one end while a UV light affixed to the other end hardens the material. Meaders says in her video that the tool can “fix anything.” The kicker? The gadget, dubbed the Bondic Laser Liquid Plastic Welder Complete, only costs US$20. “It can fix and repair anything that normal glue can’t keep up with,” Meaders said as she showed off the tool in her 15-second TikTok video. While Meaders does not directly say the plastic welding gadget will work on automobiles, the tool’s Amazon page features several images showing the tool being used on auto parts According to the frequently asked questions on the product’s Amazon page, customers truly believe this tool is capable of all plastic repair—from simple kitchen fixes to full-scale dental work. Some buyers even admitted to using it for DIY car fixes, to no avail. “I used it to glue a part of my broken plastic bumper on my car,” said one reviewer. “It didn’t work very well!” Another said they used the gadget to repair a plastic trim bezel in my car; “I waited for it to cure, only to be disappointed when it fell apart again.”



Miraculously, a Washington State, U.S. driver who saw a transport truck fold his Nissan Altima on top of itself while he was inside walked away from the collision with minor injuries. Struck from behind by the truck, the car was folded in half before the 18-wheeler rolled on top, crushing the car.


Kids these days seem to find great entertainment in flipping parked cars while inebriated, according to events this homecoming season at Ontario universities. On October 2, students celebrating McMaster University’s unofficial homecoming flipped a parked car right onto its hood. The Mazda belonged to a first-year student, whose friend kindly set up a GoFundMe to cover any damages and lost items not recovered by insurance. The second instance occurred alongside the annual Panda Game between Ottawa universities Carleton and Ottawa U; students called Mac’s flipped car and raised it with a flipped car—tastefully, doorless. Checkmate, Marauders.


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