A Grand Falls-Windsor, Newfoundland, collision centre banded together to give a very special gift to a co-worker. When the team at CSN Precision Collision Automotive heard that their 18-year-old co-worker Logan LeDrew was due to get his driver’s license, the staff all pitched in to fix up one of the shop’s service vehicles for him. “It brings everybody closer together. They all worked on a project for one of their co-workers,” said. “Logan’s general upbeat attitude just brings everybody together as well. You can’t wipe the smile off his face.” LeDrew started working at the shop in 2019 as part of a five-week program, which he then took full-time since graduating from high school. He has a developmental disability and has quickly become a beacon of positivity and work ethic for his co-workers. “I was speechless,” said LeDrew. When asked what he loves about working in the shop, he said: “The people.”


Kelvin Campbell and the CSN Chapman Auto Body team are thrilled to announce the acquisition of Chapman Auto Body Harbourside, marking the company’s third location in Nova Scotia.

As of Monday, November 1, Chapman Auto Body is the proud new owner of CSN Harbourside Collision—now Chapman Auto Body Harbourside—in Dartmouth. In the works for the last six months, Campbell took over the facility from his old trade school pal, Anthony Lewis. “Anthony was running two facilities and decided it was time to take care of one instead of two. We’re good friends from way back, so it was just a great fit,” Campbell told Collision Repair. The fully staffed Harbourside team has hit the ground running with renovations. Currently at 6,500 sq. ft. and two levels, Campbell plans for the finished facility to boast 10,000 sq. ft. and a host of new tools. “We’re doing major renovations, adding paint booths, tooling up and getting certified. Our main goal is to increase the footprint on the property and drive up production,” said Campbell.


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