MPI cracks down on insurance fraud

Toronto, Ontario – August 20, 2018 — Manitoba public insurance (MPI) is tightening up its security measures when it comes to insurance fraud, hoping it will result in lower insurance premiums, as reported by the Manitoba Sun. 
The MPI has assigned new watchdogs with state of the art resources to investigate into the illegal activity, in what the company believes will save taxpayers $8 million collectively. The timing of the heightened security measures comes in response to the corporation’s Special Investigation Unit finding an increase in fraudulent activity across the province. 
Recently a Manitoba man was ordered to repay $35,056 in insurance benefits after pleading guilty to a false statement. The man was found to be working full-time in construction while collecting replacement benefits from MPI. 
“Fraud is a concern for all insurance companies and Manitoba Public Insurance is no exception,” said Curtis Wennberg, vice-president of customer service for MPI. “While some may see fraud as a ‘victimless crime’, the reality is that auto insurance fraud costs every single ratepayer; which makes every honest MPI customer a victim. This is why we’re reaching out to all Manitobans to help stop auto insurance fraud by reporting information confidentially and anonymously to the Manitoba Public Insurance TIPS line.”
In Manitoba the consequences for committing fraud can result in termination of benefits, denial of insurance coverage and possible criminal charges. 
“Fraud schemes can be very complex but also very simple,” said Wennberg. “In the end they all create unnecessary costs to our ratepayers, which is why we are committed to investigating all suspected fraudulent activity involving claimants or service providers.”

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