Miller Electric expands ClearLight Lens Technology to all digital welding helmets

Miller Electric is expanding its ClearLight Lens Technology to all digital welding helmets. According to the company, the technology optimizes clarity for welding operators, so they can produce better welds with less rework.
Appleton, Wisconsin — January 24, 2018 — Miller Electric, a worldwide manufacturer of arc welding equipment, is expanding its ClearLight Lens Technology to be included in all digital welding helmets. According to Miller Electric, ClearLight optimizes clarity for welding operators so they can produce better welds with less rework. 
“To achieve the perfect weld, operators need to be able to clearly see their work. ClearLight Lens Technology optimizes contrast and clarity in both welding and light states so operators see natural colour tones and get a crisp, high-definition view of the workpiece,” said Miller Electric product manager Sam Harvey. “This innovative helmet technology reduces eye fatigue, increases productivity and improves performance.”
Previously only available in Miller T94 Series auto-darkening helmets, ClearLight has now been expanded to all Miller digital helmets to include Digital Infinity, Digital Elite and Digital Performance models. 
According to the company, ClearLight Lens Technology enhances clarity by allowing more colours to come through the lens. Where other lenses often produce a view with a greenish-yellow or blue tint, a ClearLight lens is designed to provide truer colours during welding. With this technology, operators see more contrast among objects in the viewing area, resulting in reduced eyestrain and fatigue. 
In addition, the 1/1/1/2 optical clarity rating of ClearLight lenses allows a true 3.0 light state. This brighter light state when the operator is not welding enhances the ability for operators to keep their hood down as much as possible, which improves safety and productivity. 
For more information, visit MillerWelds.com/ClearLight.

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