Marketing Materials: Ford patents windshield with advanced imaging technology, looking toward glass advertising

Toronto, Ontario — What’s that you say? You want even more of your personal space invaded by advertising? Well, that’s great news because Ford has received patent approval for a windshield design that would do just that.

This proposed glass display system uses light projected through a combination of glass and a “darkened material applied to the glass layer.” The darkened material then diffuses the light projected through it, and forms an image, according to the patent.

In its patent application, Ford describes its motivation for this new avenue of advertising: “Motor vehicles are increasingly being used as advertising platforms. For example, vinyl vehicle wraps containing advertisements may be adhered to the exterior of the vehicle. Further, vehicles have been fitted with screens, such as liquid crystal display screens, configured to display advertisements or other messages, which are visible to pedestrians and others adjacent to the automobile.”

The company says this technology wouldn’t be strictly limited to still imagery and advertising, but could be used to display videos and on-board driver notifications.

Additionally, with promises of self-driving vehicles very slowly coming to fruition, Ford has some ideas for the role windshields will play on the cars of the future.

“The image could include text conveying a message, alert or command. Such images could be displayed on any or all of the panels of automotive glass of the vehicle,” reads an excerpt of the patent application.

“With the advent of autonomous vehicles, it is becoming less necessary for vehicle occupants to see outside the vehicle. To this end, such images may even be projected on the windshield.”


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