Stunting Stunt Driving: Drivers in Saskatchewan will now automatically lose license for a week and vehicle for a month for stunt driving

Regina, Saskatchewan — Drivers in Saskatchewan will now automatically lose their license for a week and their vehicle for a month for stunt and high-speed driving, according to the Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI).

These new driving penalties came into effect in the province on Wednesday and were initially processed in February.

Prior to this change, the provincial penalty for stunt driving was a three-day vehicle impoundment for second and subsequent offences with no license suspension. Moreover, street racing came with a 30 day vehicle impoundment but no license suspension.

According to Dustin Duncan, Minister Responsible, “the tough new penalties are intended to further discourage drivers from stunting, street racing and driving at excessively high speeds. Those dangerous activities put all road users at risk, and they have no place in our communities or on our highways.”

Examples of stunt driving, as per SGI’s outline, include:

  • Attempting to lift some or all tires from the roadway (including driving a motorcycle on one wheel).
  • Attempting to spin a vehicle to cause it to spin or circle.
  • Driving a vehicle while not sitting in the driver’s seat.
  • Driving in the oncoming lane longer than is needed to pass.
  • Driving a vehicle in a way that prevents another vehicle from passing.
  • Stopping or slowing down to interfere with the movement of another vehicle.

To see SGI’s initial February report, click here.



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