Invisible Borders: Tesla ‘Full Self-Driving’ unavailable in large sections of Toronto’s downtown

Toronto, Ontario — As its “Full Self-Driving” beta dropped into select Canadian vehicles earlier this week, Tesla enthusiasts were excited to get on the road and be taken for a drive, but those in the Toronto-area found themselves hitting a cyber roadblock in the city’s downtown core.

Met with a dashboard notification reading “Full Self-Driving unavailable at current location,” several Toronto-based Tesla drivers took to Twitter for an explanation as to why the centre of Canada’s most populous city is off limits to the highly-anticipated software.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted back, saying “Toronto streetcars are not yet handled well by FSD.”

This response has drawn criticism from customers for the fact that vast portions of Toronto receive streetcar service, and therefore, Musk’s explanation may not bode well for the performance of FSD in dense urban settings.

According to Drive Tesla Canada, the geofence limiting the software’s functionality ends somewhere north of Bloor Street and Danforth Avenue.


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