HUD Buds: Volvo invests $2 million into AR developer Spectralics

Toronto, Ontario — Volvo Cars is looking to pack in the tech wherever they can, as the automaker has invested $2 million in augmented-reality startup Spectralics to help develop heads-up-display (HUD) technology for their vehicles. 

Spectralics is currently in the process of developing an innovative optics film that is able to connect nearly any transparent surface to a vehicle’s telematics systems and display overlay imagery.

Volvo says that this technology will create “a safe and immersive experience” for drivers.

“Other potential uses of the technology include advanced filters for various applications, in-cabin sensing, blind-proof front-looking cameras, and digital holographic projections,” Volvo wrote in a statement.

Chief product officer at Volvo, Henrik Green said “Spectralics is an exciting company with technology that holds truly great promise. By supporting their development, we can bring forward the potential their products could have in future Volvo cars.”

As well, head of the Volvo Tech Fund and deputy CFO, Lee Ma said that Spectralics “has the potential to set a standard for the next generation of displays and cameras.”

Spectralics, based in Israel, has a background in aerospace technology development. Volvo’s investment brings the startup’s raised total to $5 million.


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