Fix Auto – The Miller Group helps get a family back on the road

Noelani Dreger, her sons Gaberial and William, and some of the team from Fix Auto Abbotsford who helped get Dreger into a refurbished Nissan Altima in time for the holidays.

By Jeff Sanford

Abbotsford, British Columbia — January 2, 2016 — Employees and the owner of Fix Auto – The Miller Group in Abbotsford, Chilliwack and Vernon help make life more tolerable for families in need by refurbishing vehicles in each of these communities. For the tenth year in a row, Fix Auto Abbotsford East and West partnered with Abbotsford Nissan to refurbish a vehicle and provide it to a family in the community.

This year the car, a Nissan Altima, was given to Noelani Dreger. Dreger is a single mother with two sons, nine-year-old Gaberial and 12-year-old William. Gaberial suffers from heart problems. Dreger has to make frequent trips back and forth to Children’s Hospital in Vancouver. Without a car she has been relying on buses, taxis and the occasional ride from her dad. When her mother had a heart attack this spring it made it difficult for dad to help out. She has been spending 10 and 12 hours a day getting back forth on the bus in the rain. Thankfully, the Miller Group was able to step in and help out. Dreger was nominated as a potential recipient by a friend.

Sue Majeau of Fix Auto – The Miller Group said the entry was just one of hundreds of nominations that came in by letter and Facebook. “It’s really nice to be able to do this. But it just breaks your heart to see the need out there,” said Majeau in an interview with Collision Repair magazine.

The car was refurbished with new paint, shocks, brakes, tires and glass by the Fix Auto Miller Group’s facilities in association with Abbotsford Nissan. Hub Insurance provided $1,000 towards insurance, and Fix Auto and Nissan topped that up to a full year of coverage. BCAA donated a membership and a road side safety kit. Majeau says the presentation of the Christmas Car has become a cherished annual tradition.

“It really makes you feel good at this time of year. The painter who did this job has already volunteered to be involved again next year. He said he’s never felt so good about doing a job,” says Majeau.

For more information, please visit fixautoabbotsfordeast.com.



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