Eye of Efficiency: Axalta launches Irus Mix automated paint mixing system

Toronto, Ontario — Far too many in the collision industry still rely on their eyes alone for mixing and matching paint—luckily the experts at Axalta have developed a step up from the ‘ol cones and rods with the release of the Axalta Irus Mix.

Touted as the fastest fully automated and completely hands-free mixing machine available to the collision industry, Axalta says its Irus system can save refinishers more than 60 percent of labour time and requires no additional bottles or other potentially wasteful materials.

Speaking more to the “environmental thoughtfulness” referenced in the company’s mid-May press release, the Irus system is fully compatible with Axalta’s 50 percent recycled plastic bottles and will even see premium basecoats; Spies Hecker Permahyd Hi-TEC, Cromax Pro and Standox Standoblue; made available in these bottles exclusively for the Irus.

“At Axalta, we always strive to be at the forefront of innovation. We constantly look for ways to help our customers to do business better, to enable our customers to work as efficiently as possible and to maximize their profitability,” said senior V-P of global refinish at Axalta, Troy Weaver.

“When we launched our digital end-to-end colour management process, which we now call Axalta Irus, we knew what the future held for the industry, and that was fully automated colour mixing. Today, we deliver that technology and now customers can automate colour like never before. Axalta Irus Mix completes the simple three-step Axalta Irus digital colour management process of Scan-Find-Mix.”

The Irus system is set to be rolled out to the European market in June, while the global release will be announced sometime later this year.


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