Chip Surplus: Toyota owners Facebook group raises questions about Highlander glass quality

Toronto, Ontario — Reports have been circulating out of a Toyota owners Facebook group where many Highlander owners have been voicing their frustrations about what they consider to be especially chip-prone windshields.

One group member, Joshua Redding, asked a question that many owners of the popular Toyota model seem to be asking: “How many windshields have you had to replace in your Highlander?” followed by the supplementary statement; “This glass sucks.”

Redding’s question struck a chord with other members of the group who also felt they were at the raw end of some sort of glasspiracy.

Highlander owner Lisa Stephenson reported in saying, “2021: cracked (size of a quarter) from a rock 4 months into new ownership. Got a temporary fix by Safelight. As soon as 90-degree temps hit us it spread like wildfire.”

Thomas Cone said, “On my 2019, I’ve replaced one and a few months later got a crack on the bottom which I’m not replacing until I have to.”

An OEM windshield from Toyota costs around $400 for select models, not including installation.

Of the many complaints, the vast majority came from models produced between 2015 and 2021. It is also worth noting that the 2022 Highlander is equipped with the same glass as earlier models, but in a different shape.

There are some aftermarket products that drivers can use to help reinforce their windshields, like screen protectors similar to those on phones, as well as hydrophobic sprays that help glass manage rainfall better.


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