Dire Data: OPP report collision fatalities on track for highest rate in ten years

Windsor, Ontario — Ontario is on course for a record-breaking year—not a record anyone wants to see broken, mind you, as the Ontario Provincial Police reported that the province is on the way to surpass road fatality rates unseen in a decade.

The last time Ontario recorded at least 100 collision deaths by the second week of May was in 2012. As of now, 107 people have died on roads under OPP jurisdiction this year.

Essex County OPP have already attended to six fatal incidents, resulting in nine total deaths, this year.

For comparison, the county dealt with only 12 collision deaths throughout the entirety of last year.

According to OPP, “poor and careless driving behaviours” have been major contributors to the incidents that have occurred across Ontario this year.

Police say driver inattention has been linked to 25 of this year’s collision deaths in Ontario to date, marking a 79 percent increase compared to last year.

As well, substance-related collisions are up 36 percent this year, having been linked to 15 deaths already this year.

Speeding has been linked to 27 of the road deaths and lack of seat belt compliance has been linked to 15.


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