Opening the Gates: Tesla service manuals now free of charge on company website

Toronto, Ontario — Quick, snatch up Tesla’s service manuals before anyone at the company realizes they are currently listed at no charge on the company’s website.

That’s right, the “Service and Repair Information” subscription package has a big fat zero next to it and no one is fully certain as to whether this was an accident on the part of Tesla, or a yet-to-be-revealed strategy.

Odds are that it is the latter, as it was also noted that the “Diagnostic Software” is now more expensive; up from $333 a month to $500 and now making it a $3,000 annual investment.

The “Diagnostic Software” package includes the Toolbox 3 Diagnostic Software and Standalone HV Battery Shipping Evaluation Tool (Model S, Model 3, Model X, Model Y).

The “Service and Repair Information” package, which is now free of charge, includes Service Manual, Parts Manual and Body Repair; Tooling Catalog and Wiring Diagrams; Service Bulletins; and Labour Codes and Times.

Click here to add the subscription package to your cart, free of charge.


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